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About Our Community

As monastics, our ministry is specially designed to cater to the spiritual needs of Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics who seek a welcoming and affirming monastic community fully immersed in the richness of Eastern tradition.

Our unwavering commitment lies in upholding the Byzantine traditions of faith and liturgy, tracing our practices back to the pre-schism era. By embracing our monastic lifestyles as a dispersed new monastics community, we embrace a sense of tradition that encompasses not only our rituals and degrees but also our deeply held beliefs. Within our inclusion-inspired theology, we foster an atmosphere of acceptance and unity. ​Following the Eastern Tradition, we do not have a Rule but a Typikon, the Codes and Canons of our Order and follow the Prayer Rule of the Desert by Pachomius the Great, and we embrace the idea of allowing each Monastic the opportunity to follow an additional Charism if their choosing to express themselves individually.

As an Eastern Monastic Community, we embody the timeless ideals and virtues of the Eastern Christian Church. With intention and purpose, we have come together as a dispersed community, united by our mission to live out the profound teachings of "Loving Thy Neighbor" and spread the Good News in every situation.


While we do not require membership within our jurisdictional communion, we do ask our members to actively seek or engage with a local congregation or sacramental jurisdiction that supports and blesses their participation in our Community, ensuring a holistic spiritual journey.

We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to serving not only Orthodox, Catholic, and Christian individuals but also those who may not identify with any particular faith, as we view our lives as a meaningful gift to the world. Want to explore this vocation more? Click Here

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