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Our Patroness

Our Venerable Patron, the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, is a Christian feast of the Mother of God celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches on October 1st. The feast celebrates the protection afforded the faithful through the intercessions of the Theotokos.

According to Eastern Orthodox Sacred Tradition, the apparition of Mary the Theotokos occurred during the 10th century at the Blachernae church in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) where several of her relics (her robe, veil, and part of her belt) were kept. On Sunday, October 1 at four in the morning, St. Andrew the Blessed Fool-for-Christ, who was a Slav by birth, saw the dome of the church open and the Virgin Mary enter, moving in the air above him, glowing and surrounded by angels and saints. She knelt and prayed with tears for all faithful Christians in the world. The Virgin Mary asked Her Son, Jesus Christ, to accept the prayers of all the people entreating Him and looking for Her protection. Once Her prayer was completed, She walked to the altar and continued to pray. Afterwards, She spread Her veil over all the people in the church as a protection.

Hymns attributed to the Protecting Veil:


Today the faithful celebrate the feast with joy

illumined by your coming, O Mother of God.

Beholding your pure image we fervently cry to you:

"Encompass us beneath the precious veil of your protection;

deliver us from every form of evil by entreating Christ,

your Son and our God that He may save our souls."



Today the Virgin stands in the midst of the Church

and with choirs of saints she invisibly prays to God for us.

Angels and bishops worship,

apostles and prophets rejoice together,

since for our sake she prays to the pre-eternal God.

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